• Tv Reporter

  • Videographer


Arizona’s First and Only 100% Mobile Event/News Gathering Videographer. 100% backpack-based. Have passport, will travel. Broadcast live in SD or HD over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or portable satellite; Capture news/events from locations your fixed wireless network and/or ENG/SNG/OB can’t reach; Live streaming and store video and forward it for later broadcast; and Extremely fast responsiveness and system start-up. Use proprietary technology suitable for US and international use. IFB-ready, on-board storage, wireless monitoring, low-delay video encoding engine, variable bit-rate encoding, forward error correction, wireless hotspot, and secure video signal authentication. Dynamically segments a live video signal and transmits the segments through multiple independent 3G/4G connections. Its intelligent control system monitors the bandwidth and performance of each connection in real-time to ensure that each 3G/4G connection is fully utilized.


US Coast Guard and US Air Force veteran. Land and ship oil spills and fires, immigration, law enforcement, international conflicts, news, and public affairs. Very familiar with military protocols. Have worked from helicopters, ships and other military transports.