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r Naveed Ahmad is an investigative journalist, a professional editor and a specialized report writer and analyst. Besides being a special correspondent for the Gulf News (UAE), he strings for leading Pakistani daily The News, Monthly Newsline, daily Corriere della Sera (Italy), , ISN Security Watch (Switzerland) and DW-TV. Mr Ahmad has been a media trainer on investigative and TV journalism over the last five years besides writing internal reports, project assessment reports and long feature stories for Save the Children (US), ICRC and UNDP. He has to his credit UN’s first Award for Cross-Cultural Reporting 2010 for a joint multinational project Silent Heroes, Invisible Bridges. In 2000, Mr Ahmad won the Hawaii-based East-West Center’s JEFFERSON FELLOWSHIP focusing on ‘Challenges of Globalisation’. The Washington Press Center offered him his next fellowship in 2004 on ‘Conflict Resolution and Nuclear Non-proliferation’. He visited India as part of Panos Media Fellowship on Conflict. His keen interest in ‘Security Sector Reforms in New Democracies’ led him for consultation in Bangkok and Manila, under the auspices of Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform, DFID & Cranfield University. Mr Ahmad toured Kuwait in 2005 to study the impact of geo-politics on security and democratization. He is actively participating in global discourse on digital media and issues of freedom of expression. In February 2005, he reported from France, Norway, Denmark and the UK on blasphemous caricature controversy and various telecom events. He is regular participant of International Security Forum held every two years in Switzerland. He is involved with UN Alliance of Civilizations and International Centre for Journalists, Washington DC, in media dialogue over cross-cultural and cross-religious reporting issues. Internationally, Mr Ahmad has reported for Germany’s magazine Stern, DW-TV, Italian State Radio, Aftenposten (Norway), the Times of India, The Korea Herald, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Awan (Kuwait), The Seattle Times (Washington), The Casper-Star Tribune (Wyoming), The Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii), and Hollywood entertainment magazine VLIFE. Moreover, since 2001 Mr Ahmad has been amongst the select group of reporters on the panel of Global Journalist Program associated with the International Press Institute and the American National Public Radio since year 2000. He occasionally writes analytical articles for Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, a joint venture of Uppsala University (Sweden) and The Johns Hopkins University (Washington DC). He has also contributed an in-depth assessment feature on micro-finance in Tharparker desert, Pakistan, for a UNDP publication. The Delhi Policy Group published his analysis in a monograph, ‘Kashmir - After the Quake, Prospects for Peace’.


JEN ALIC ISN Security Watch Editor-in-Chief Zurich, Switzerland WILLIAM LANGEWIESCHE Ex-Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly International Correspondent, Vanity Fair