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Laptop, Digital SLR camera, video camera, digital voice recorder, notepad, pen, 20/20 vision, considerable focus and attention to detail.


Wrote for NY Post, NY Daily News and Newsday before working as a wire correspondent/intern at United Nations headquarters. Took first full-time job as Senior Staff Reporter for the Kashmir Observer in Srinagar, Kashmir, India in mid-2006, and began freelancing for The Economist, Guardian and other publications within months. Have since written for The Financial Times, Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Journalism Review, The National, Variety, Monocle, Metropolis, Geographical and others, performed video interviews and published photographs while reporting from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon and the UAE. Have over the years edited literally hundreds of reports on a variety of topics, from international economics and globalization to sustainability, micro-finance and terrorism. In the past year have regularly freelanced as an editorial consultant for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation. Now based in Chicago but willing and able to travel for work.


Michael Jabri-Pickett, mjp@thenational.ae; Christa Bryant, bryantc@csps.com; Simon Long, simonlong@economist.com; Anna Bruce-Lockhart Anna.Bruce-Lockhart@guardian.co.uk; James Drummond (FT), jmldrummond@googlemail.com; Sajjad Ansari (Kashmir Observer), sajjad.ko@gmail.com; Rolf Rosenkranz, rolf.rosenkranz@devex.com Chad Gracia, chad@graciagroup.com; Berrin Ozdemir, bozdemir@ifc.com Michael Kuser, mkuser@ifc.com