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Join the Mobile Media Revolution, with FindStringers.

If you're a freelance journalist, you already know that finding the story is the easy part; finding the client to sell it to is much harder.

Enter FindStringers, the global marketplace joining freelancer reporters (or stringers) to media companies all over the world. We provide simple ways for companies to find and hire reporters. We make it easy for you to sell your contact, and pitch stories to hundreds of assignment editors in companies large and small. We take no commission on hires, and only 30 per cent on media sales.


Profile Your Talents

A global listing and hiring service.

List yourself on FindStringers, and we'll get your name and profile in front of media companies all over the world. They can find you by your specialty and location, hire you instantly, and integrate you into their newsroom at the touch of a button. We give you a secure, fast, reliable way to send your content directly to their news servers.


Tools For Mobile Journalists

The world's first integrated system for Mobile Reporting.

Your FindStringer's account includes a free account on 1st Video Net for iPhone, iPod Touch and coming soon, on iPad. 1st Video is an advanced application letting you record audio and video, and edit a broadcast ready item right on your mobile device. When you're hired through FindStringers, send your story directly into their newsroom, right from your phone or tablet.


Pitch a Story and Assignment Desk

Pitch your best stories, and apply for jobs.

Subscribe to Pitch a Story. Create a story pitch, and craft it so it's sent to editors who are most likely to buy through our unique tagging system. Editors get a daily summary of story pitches, and can hire you instantly. You can also apply for jobs posted by editors on our Assignment Desk.


StringWire and Media Marketplace

Putting your best material on display, everywhere, all the time.

Your FindStringers account also makes you part of our wire service, called StringWire. When you put a story up for sale in our Media Marketplace, it is posted on the StringWire as well. The wire is monitored by editors. They see the wire criteria that are relevant to them. When they see a story they like, they can buy it and download it instantly from the site. You take home 70 per cent of the sale price. We handle distribution, and protect your copyright through comprehensive rights agreements.

FindStringers. Join our army of freelance reporters. Work more. Earn more.

Our sole purpose is to get you more work, and help you sell more content. We help companies find and hire you. We set up the contract. Integrate you into their newsroom. Provide a reliable way to send media content. FindStringers is more than just a listing service; it's a powerful tool to promote your work, and manage your business.

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