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FindStringers offers your company the easiest, fastest way to find qualified reporters, anywhere on the planet. Find and hire stringers by specialty or location. Integrate them into your newsroom instantly. Buy content on breaking stories from our Media Marketplace.

Breaking News

Breaking News

Be the first on the scene, wherever you are.

When a big story breaks, use FindStringers' global location system to find and hire a reporter right on the scene. Press a button, and that reporter can now file to your newsroom, using their laptop, or using our own 1st Video reporting application for iPhone and iPad.

Assignment Desk

Pitch Page and the Assignment Desk

Your eyes and ears in an action-packed world.

Subscribe to Pitch Page. You'll get a daily summary of story pitches from some of the world's greatest journalists. Need a job done? Just post the job on our Assignment Desk section, and our freelance reporters will bid on it. Pick the best, and hire instantly through our web interface.



The stories you need, served up hot.

When news breaks anywhere in the world, StringWire brings you a constant feed of the latest video, photos, and stories filed by freelance reporters all over the world on FindStringers. This free service alerts you to the most recent stories on a second by second basis. See a story you like; click on it to buy. Pay only for the media content you want.

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Sometimes the story you need… has already been done.

When our stringers come across stories, they file the video, photos, audio and text to the Media Marketplace on FindStringers. Whether you need more footage for a feature, or you're looking for vital video on a breaking news story, you'll find it on the Media Marketplace.

FindStringers. An army of freelance reporters, at your fingertips.

You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain. Thousands of freelancers, in your town or on the far side of the world, all ready to work in a few seconds, at the click of your mouse button. We find them. Set up the contract. Integrate them into your newsroom. Provide a reliable way to send media content. We alert you to breaking stories. We give you a way to post jobs, or view story ideas. FindStringers is a complete management system, giving you instant access to a growing army of photographers, writers, videographers, radio reporters, and voiceover artists.

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