Frequently Asked Questions

What is done with my personal contact information?

Your contact information is not shared externally. We respect your privacy, and your personal security. We use your information to create a 'Blind' contact through our site.

I'm an Assignment Editor (Desker) and I don't want to give out my company's internal server information. How can I get large media files from a Stringer?

You can use our VeriSend file transfer service. The Stringer uses VeriSend to send an email. The VeriSend email contains a link to download the file from the transfer service.

I want media files integrated into my newsroom system and my Media Asset Management System. How do I do that?

We integrate into most newsroom systems. Contact us for your solution.

What is Voddio?

Voddio is a complete solution for anyone who needs to record, edit, send and distribute video for traditional and/or web media. As a company, you can remotely hire a stringer and connect their Voddio app to send files directly to your newsroom. Voddio works on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G. Many of our stringers already have Voddio. Your reporting staff can also use Voddio for their Record, Edit, Send mobile needs.

What is StringWire?

StringWire is the first wire service in the world created exclusively by, and for, freelance reporters. We take all of the FindStringer breaking stories from around the world, filter them so they're relevant to you, and deliver them to your desktop. If you see media content you need, you can buy it immediately on the FindStringers' Media Marketplace.

What does it cost to hire a Stringer, and what do I get for my money?

You can post available Jobs for free. It costs $20 flat fee for the capability to hire a Stringer for your Job. For that fee, you get to configure sending options for the hired Stringer, allowing reliable file transfer up to 5 Gbytes. You also get a secure means to communicate with the Stringer.

How do I know the person I hire is qualified?

We enroll freelance reporters who are referred to us by media companies, or by professional organizations, associations and unions. In an upcoming version, Stringers can be rated. The rating system will show how often a Stringer works, how often they hit their deadlines, whether the company was satisfied, and whether they would hire that person again. If you hire an 'Ace' or 'Star' reporter from our system, you can be sure they'll provide superior work.?

I'm a company: How do I know I'll get what I pay for?

We provide a contract template that you complete in your profile. The Stringer agrees. You pay only when the contract is satisfied.

I'm a Stringer. How do I know I'll get paid?

We provide a standard freelance contract with the company, giving you the right to be paid on completion, and a legal contract to take to court. FindStringers will remove any company that fails to pay Stringers for work that is done according to the contract.

How do I protect my copyright when I sell an item on the Media Marketplace?

We provide copyright agreements that are agreed to before the item is downloaded. You set the rate for a basic 'single use' sale.

Why would I post material to the Media Marketplace?

If you post a significant new story or video, on Media Marketplace, it is monitored by the StringWire. StringWire is a wire service for Media companies and promotes your stories immediately according to criteria the company is looking for. The right editors will see it, and if they want it, they'll come to the Media Marketplace and buy your content. StringWire is free, for the media companies.

What does get out of it when I sell a story?

FindStringers receives a 30% commission, which is low in this industry.

What do I pay when I get hired by a media company?

Nothing. The company pays us $20.

Why would I bother sending material through FindStringers, when I can send it by email, or FTP?

First, we get it there fast and reliably through our exclusive file transfer service - you can rest assured your file will arrive.

We give you a simple secure way to communicate with their news desk.

We give you a decent contract to work with, verified on our servers. In the near future, the more often you work through FindStringers, the higher you're listed on our site rating. People look for the 'Ace' and 'Star' reporters on the FindStringers' listing.

The more jobs you complete through our site, the higher you're rated. When you complete more stories through FindStringers, we reward your hard work by giving you discounts and special offers on our premium services, like Pitch a Story page and the Assignment Desk.

Finally, when you send material through FindStringers, we create a hard record that proves you completed the work, and your contract.

What is Pitch a Story, and why do I have to pay extra?

Pitch a Story is a service that puts your story idea in front of the right media companies. If a media company likes your pitch, we provide a means for them to contact you. In short, we allow you to connect with media companies around the world, with a single press of the button.

What is the Assignment Desk, and why should I pay for it?

It lets you find and get work. Assignment editors around the world use Assignment Desk to advertise jobs. You can filter through all those job offers, find the ones that might apply to you, and apply for the job instantly. The company in turn can hire you on the spot.

How do I send my stories?

You send stories through our file transfer system which securely sends media files reliably even with poor network connections. Sending can be accomplished with your laptop, desktop, and directly from Voddio on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.